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Posted by kostub on August 15, 2009

Well it is about time.. everyone has one, so I have to jump on the bandwagon. But blogs are so Web 1.0, you say! Twitter is all the rage. So why start a blog now?

Given that I am always behind the curve on everything, this should come as no surprise.  I am not exactly what people would call an early adopter – till about 2 weeks I was carrying a 5 year old Nokia cell, which was 2 inches thick and looked more like a cordless handset, while the whole world was moving about with iPhones and G1s. So, now that the world has moved to Twitter – I better set up a blog when no one is watching.

All right, so now there is a blog, but then what? It needs posts. What am I going to write about? I am not sure yet. The topics that I have in mind are fairly broad ranged and there isn’t any unifying theme around them. Most of the essays will be about my thoughts on what is happening around me, but there might articles on technology and software thrown in the mix as well. One thing I am pretty sure this blog won’t be about is what I ate for lunch today or where I went on vacation. That probably means that the articles will be longer and will take time to write. My goal is to write 15 articles by 1 June 2010. I have the first 2-3 topics in mind, for the rest we’ll see what we get.

So watch this space, sooner or later you might see something that may pique your interest.  The first article will be forthcoming in a day or two.


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